Christmas is here and the brickwork is almost complete! Just a few blocks here and there.. Last week was sunny and relatively warm so we made the most of it.. In this part of the series we completed the hydro insulation of foundations on which we placed another layer of 5 cm expanded polystyrene, area close to the surface and above the ground level was insulated with 12 cm of xps. Xps was covered with dimpled drainage foil. Bottom of the canal was covered with 0.5cm gravel to create a 0.5% slope on top of which we placed a drainage pipe wrapped in geo-textile. Pipe is then covered with rough gravel. We removed the formwork under the floor slab from Part three video. We continued with brickwork up to the roof level. The contours of the house are now really visible, the roof will be single slope to the south side to maximize the area for the solar panels which I plan to install some day. Next step is to pour some more concrete and place the roof anchors. Wood for the roof and the south side glass wall is in the workshop and we plan to start cutting it to measure next week. Hopefully the next video of the project will be with the roof on:) Depends on the weather though..
hope you like this fifth part of the project! Please ask any question in the comments and as always, subscribe for more!:D

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