Building Contracts Explained For Residential Projects. Why Use A Building Contract?

We all know disputes can arise at any time on any building project, but what can you do to limit your risk of dispute?
When things do go wrong you will need a specialist construction lawyer. David Richards, from Leathes Prior Solicitors, can help.
In this video, we ask David some commonly asked questions from domestic clients and briefly cover topics such as:
• Why use a building contract?
• Why it’s important to have detailed construction information?
• Contract variations.
• What is Mediation?
• What is Adjudication?
• What is Arbitration?
• What are liquidated damages? What are they referred to as ‘Penalties’?
• Role of a Contract Administrator
• What is a pay less notice?
There are a range of building contracts suitable for all types of project. They are designed, and clearly written, to help deliver your project to a specified time scale, to a contract sum/budget, and help monitor any changes to the works.
They ensure builders get paid for what they do, and customers get what they expect. No party should fear entering into a building contract.
A building contract, however, is meaningless without the details, drawings, schedules and specification to back it up. At Cannon Clarke Architects we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding buildable architecture with detailed information to ensure your project goes to plan.
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